Wedding (Svad’ba)

Svad’ba is an outdoor interactive street performance. It is made in the carnival tradition. It has everything that regular wedding has: the bride, the groom, the father of the bride, friends of the groom. And, as it always happen during the wedding, there’s love, fight and reconciliation. The show is accompanied with the live marching brass band.

Independent Theatre Company LIQUID THEATRE for nine years has been performing in the streets, squares, fields and factories, exploring galleries, theatrical and untheatrical spaces inside theatres. Our performances are a fusion of drama, circus, visual, non-verbal, dance, sound and now video art as well. The Golden Mask laureates, Action prize laureates, short-listed for the Sergey Kurehin prize. Regular participants of different trans-disciplinary and international projects. RROJECT FACTORY residents.

duration: 1 hour