Waiting for Godot

The action in Beckett’s play takes place on a deserted road where there is nothing but a dried tree. In Kirill Vitoptov’s performance it is taken to a half-empty room of a rented flat. Here the Tree of Peace is a crumbled New Year tree. Nobody got rid of it after the holiday… Four young people are constantly waiting for a mythical Godot who should decide their destiny. But nobody knows how he looks like and when he is going to come.
In this bland flat, created by Nana Abdrashitova, four losers imagine that they are superheroes, suicides, wise men, children… In fact, they all are just clowns. But where all possible roles are mixed, something new is born. The director called it “grey clownery”. The characters try to decide who of them deserves happiness, who will be the first; whether they should go their separate ways forever or tolerate each other a little bit longer. The more seriously they attempt to find the sense of their existence, the funnier and the more ridiculous the conclusions are. The more they want to fall apart, the stronger their fear of loneliness is. At the end of days they are perfectly sure that they are not forgotten, that Godot knows the address of this flat.
!“…And is it Saturday? Is it not rather Sunday? Or Monday? Or Friday?”

Length: 1 hour 40 minutes
Genre: grey clownery