Theatre.doc / Театр.doc was created in 2002 by several playwrights. This non-governmental, non-profit, independent, collective management project. Many of the works are carried out by volunteers, on a voluntary basis.

Most of the performances Theatre.doc – in the genre of documentary theater and verbatim texts. The creative group of the theater create performances based on meetings with real people, the most relevant and timely topics of reality. Used testimonies of real people, equipment verbatim, “deep improvisation”, theater games and workshops.

Theatre supports the new writing festival Lubimovka and produced series of the performances based on the new pieces by Russian drama writers from new generation.

About theater productions written many articles, they are awarded a variety of prizes. They were invited to the prestigious theater festivals in Poland, France, Germany, Hungary, the Baltic States, in major Russian cities. Theatre received the award “The most creative theater” magazine “Creative”, 2003 Film Festival “Stalker”, 2005