In the performance the actors try on different images, attributes, states and qualities of being old. Not by words but through movement and sound, and by the means of video and documented notes the performers – being in their 30’s – tell what they think about old age.


Another hand-made work by LIQUID THEATRE , when everything what is going on stage has been experienced, embodied, felt and discovered by the performers.


In the first part of the project (which already was the beginning of working on the piece) they visited elderly people at their homes, in the village, in the assisted living residence (home for elderly people), accompanied them for a walk, helped around the house, exchanged letters (almost forgotten and nostalgic genre for many people). Many conversations were recorded – either on audio or on video. The theatre members shared, collected the information and discussed books, exhibitions, movies which somehow referred to this theme of getting old.


The second experience of the LIQUID THEATRE within the framework of the project Theatre + Society supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Ten independent theatre companies from different cities (Petrozavodsk – Cheliabinsk – Komsomolsk-na-Amure…), working in different genres (documentary, dance, modern playwriting…) – Theatre.Doc, Theatre-studio Maneken, Dialogue Dance, ON-theatre – carried out a certain social work of their choice and after that they created performances. In 2012 LIQUID THEATRE worked with the alcohol addicted patients in The Narcological Hospital № 17 in Moscow (in the rehabilitation department, which doesn’t exist anymore. The X-head of the department is a well-known psychiater and narcologist Alexander Danilin).The performance While You Are Here (directed by Andrey Smirnov) which is an outcome of the communication with the patients (without them coming on stage) was nominated for The Golden Mask National theatre award as the “Experiment of the season”.


Idea and realization – Liquid Theatre

Director –  Andrey Smirnov

Designer – Elizaveta Dzutzeva

Participants – Daria Demidova, Svetlana Kim, Oleg Tolkunov, Dmitry Melkin

Lighting designer – Oleg Tolkunov

Music, sound-design – Dmitry Pavlyukov

Video – Kirill Pleshkevich, Sergey Vasilyev

Scenery production – Alexander Evsevyev

Producer – Olga Korshakova


Supported by the Centre of Creative Industries  FABRIKA (FACTORY)


Duration: 1 hour, no intermission

It is important that the company makes no effort to rob the topic of aging of its dramatic and tragic aspects. This isn’t a feel-good take on old age, or, to be exact, it isn’t only that. It is an honest look at a stage of life that most individuals in the hall — dare I say, the fortunate ones? — will experience on their own sooner or later. “The Moscow Times”, John Freedman