POST Theatre

POST Theatre is an independent theatre group founded in 2011 by Dmitry Volkostrelov (the student of outstanding director Lev Dodin; Saint Petersburg State Theatre Art Academy graduate). This group includes the best young actors from Saint Petersburg and Moscow. The main purpose of POST Theatre is the search for a new theatrical language and to research the contemporary world view by means of theatrical options. The theatre’s given name refers to the theory of the post-dramatic theatre established by German theatre researcher Hans-Thies Lehmann. POST Theatre’s principal position is to work with texts of contemporary authors. The principle texts written by famous playwriters such as Ivan Vyrypaev and Pavel Pryazhko can be found in the theatre’s repertoire not to mention the Russian premiere of Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat by Mark Ravenhill.

The projects of POST Theatre generated considerable interest that ended up with the participation in the largest theatre festivals, such as The Festival of contemporary Theatre and Cinema Textura, The Breakthrough Youth Theater Award, The Golden Mask National Theatre Award and Festival, NET: New European Theatre Festival, The Baltic House International Theatre Festival, Theatre Confrontations (Konfrontacje Teatralne) International Festival, Rainbow International Theatre Festival, The New Drama Festival, “Da! Da! Da!” Contemporary Theatre, Drama and Performance from Russia (Warsaw, 2013). So today POST Theatre gained one of the leading roles in contemporary theatre process.

POST Theatre is an independent theatre group that prefers alternative stages to the traditional theatrical space. Futhermore, the theatre promotes the expansion of contemporary theatre to the Saint Petersburg club stage. POST Theatre work is funded not by the state, but by private patronage.

«Dmitry Volkostrelov is one of the few Russian directors who searches for cross-over points of traditional theatre and contemporary art». (Marina Davydova, NET: New European Theatre Festival Artistic Director, Editor-in-chief of Theatre Magazine, Europe Theatre Prize award jury member)
«The performances of POST Theatre demonstrate that a new generation of directors appear on the contemporary theatre stage. New drama seems to be a native language and a natural habitat for them». (Vedomosti)

«Productions of POST Theatre focuses on practically all the pressure points of contemporary society and theatre». (

July by Ivan Vyrypaev, directed by Dmitry Volkostrelov (2010) DVD
The Locked Door by Pavel Pryazhko, directed by Dmitry Volkostrelov (2010) DVD
The Coffeeshop Owner by Pavel Pryazhko,directed by Dmitry Volkostrelov (2011) DVD
I Am Free by Pavel Pryazhko, directed by Dmitry Volkostrelov (2012)
Shoot/Get treasure/Repeat by Mark Ravenhill, directed by Dmitry Volkostrelov and Semen Aleksandrovsky feat. Alexander Vartanov (2012)