Mikhail Durnenkov

I would love to write a few words about Mikhail Durnenkov, Russian playwriter and scriptwriter.

I saw the performances staged on his pieces in different Russian Theatres – the new program of Gogol Center (head by Kirill Serebrennikov) was opened by Durnenkov’s piece “The Brothers” (based on the film Rocco and his brothers) – and the story became absolutely actually – about people here in Moscow next to Gogol Center and Railways station neareby.

I saw the performance in Moscow Art Theatre – “Tale about what we can do and what is not” and it was an amazing piece of art including fresh language, set design and stage idea.

I told about him and his work with people at Royal Court Theatre in London and they remembered him good impressed. He did a lot of works with English companies from 2006 when he had a residence at Royal Court till 2015 when he wrote and staged the piece “The War hasn’t started yet” for the Glasgow theatre. Now this piece is going to be rewritten and retranslated for the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

He was invited as dramaturg for the adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie for the performance of Thomas Ostermaier at Theatre of Nations.

His original pieces (the most famous is “Khlam”) staged not only in Russian theatres but also translated onto different languages, piece “The most easy way to stop smoking” staged 5 times in Russia, he wrote the “Victory Day” for the Taganka Theatre, “Out of System” (dedicated to K.S. Stanislavsky) for the Moscow Art Theatre and finally “The Lake” for the Gogol Center.

“The Lake” has been staged by Yana Ross in TR Warsaw in the beginning of March 2016.

He has 6 pieces translated into Polish one is translated into German and several pieces translated into English.