Liquid theatre

“LIQUID theatre” (flowing, fluid, spilling from one space into another) may be one of the only theatres in Russia that works in the ‘site-specific’ genre. Their performances grow out of the territory which the actors occupy, here and now. What is necessary for a new production is not a written script but an impulse, a theme, a fresh spring that will push the actors into different directions. Once they find themselves in different ends of the same space, they begin to work, remembering and perfecting all their skills and experience – dance, acrobatics, and dramatic art. Thus, blending the experience of street and physical theatre LIQUID creates its performances”.

“A theatre company with a universally understood name LIQUID lives on the road between Moscow and Cheliabinsk. «LIQUID» – means «fluid» and «fluid» means a theatre that is able to fill spaces. Any spaces — theater pavilions ravaged by construction work, dusty factory floors, staircases and lobbies of theatres and museums, workshops of old paper mills. Step by step, LIQUID theatre captures city territory, breathes life into urban walls, and transforms manufacturing and city terrain into giant playgrounds for art. The work of the theater takes on a life-large meaning for each of the actors. To some cynical and tired Moscow dwellers LIQUID returns the gift of surprise. And to most others, it offers a chance to think outside the box and let go of old inhibitions”. Radio Culture, Moscow

Directors: Ksenia Petrenko, Alexey Zherebtsov.

Actors: Svetlana Kim, Veronika Kim, Anna Rud, Daria Stepashkina, Аleksandra Poldi, Ksenia Petrenko, Denis Semenov, Andrey Smirnov, Vitaliy Borovik, Kirill Vytoptov, Dmitriy Melkin, Alexey Zherebtsov.

Producer: Olga Korshakova.

Russian Contemporary Dance Festival TSEH (Moscow, 2004, 2006, 2007)
International Modern Art Festival GOFFMAN (Chelyabinsk, 2005, 2006, 2007)
International Festival TERRITORY. ART TODAY (Moscow, 2007, 2008)
World Children`s Theatre Festival (Moscow, 2008)
International Non-Verbal Theatre Festival PERSONAL PROFILE (Moscow, 2008)
GOLDEN MASK Russian Festival of Performing Arts (Moscow, 2009)