I Am Free

by Pavel Pryazhko (2012)

Directed by Dmitry Volkostrelov Length : 63 min.

«As I have already pointed out, I prefer to deal with the texts that challenge me in the capacity of director. I like to work with the texts that seem to be unactable from the first point of view. The new play by Pavel Pryazhko challenges as it completely avoids all traditional rules of theatre act. The text of the play I Am Free consists of 535 photographs and 13 subscripts to them. As conceived by the author, these shots are displayed on the screen. Each projection lasts only for 7 seconds. Pictures appear on the screen in strict order and form though non-verbal but conclude plot. To speak more precisely, it forms several separated stories which can be perceived by the attentive spectator»
(Dmitry Volkostrelov on production)

Production is the participant of the international Lubimovka Festival held in Moscow (September, 2012), Theatre Confrontations (Konfrontacje Teatralne) International Festival held in Lublin (October, 2012), Golden Mask Award Festival (Moscow, 2013), “Da! Da! Da!” Contemporary Theatre, Drama and Performance from Russia (Warsaw, 2013).