Expulsion’s Forefeeling

Inspired by Marius Ivaskevicius “Isvarymas”



Play does not go away…


Photo session project was created in January 2015 during the rehearsal period of the performance “Expultion” with the young actors in Moscow Art Theatre School masterclass of Dmitry Brusnikin. This project appeared as forefeeling of “new wave of migration” which is able to displace the habitual style of life. Since that time this theme has become the most actual in the european agenta. The locution “Old World” as never before is close to the original signification.


Photo-performance includes the photo exhibition of 25 or more black-and-white photos , documentary images by photographer Sergey Topunov need description by Topunov work of size, technical types and followed by texts from the Marius Ivaskevicius play “Expulsion” and citations from breaking news concerning the migration theme. Texts are presented by actors (depends on the venue) with the visual and acustic performance.


Project New nomads (possible title) adresses the change of the map of the world and . We recognise moving nations. It requires from us to rewiew our cultural values. How does the influx of migrants affect European culture? Do migrants influence the existing values through interaction of old and new cultural values? Which parts of the existing culture will be transformed and what are the strategies of integration of new cultural values? These questions are very acute right now and the photo-performance “Expulsion’s Forefeeling” will try to seek answers by the help of artistic means, such as artistic performance, photography, soundscape and visualisation.



Author and director Zivile Zu Montvilaite


Photographer Sergey Tabunov


Art director of the project Andrey Abolenkin

Style by Olga Galinskaya

Sound design by Jonas Antanelis