150 reasons not to defend the Motherland

About the fall of Constantinople and 7 strategies to survive in times of changes, about the reasons why west Europe did not help Byzantium, about 150 reasons not to defend one’s Motherland, 150 reasons not to join together in the hour of danger, 150 reasons to work for the enemy.  About thousand absolutely true and justified motives to search for and finally find compromise with our enemy and with our conscience. Played by Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Tatiana Parshina, Anastasiya Patlay, Natalia Sapetskaya, Varvara Faer.  Playwrited designed and directed by Elena Gremina, composer Dmitry Vlasik, design set Konstantin Terentiev, costumes Nadezhda Averina, director’s assistant Anastasiya Ilyina.

The play contains  “Verbatim of 15th centure” – original Janizary’s notes (witness of the event)and original version of Sultan Mehmed Fatin as well as poems by Sufi poet Yunus.